I#m looking for a function in the jFreeChart Component like
PreChange (still working fine in any Selector)

Thats my excat Problem:

in a Dashboard with 3 depending charts i'm looking for a way to reset
parameters of the other two charts while clicking the first chart.

first chart: parameter : - modell
second chartarameter : - serie
third chartarameter : - farbe

normal way:
1. click on modell,
(chart serie shows only the 'series' of the selected modell)
2. click on serie,
(chart farbe shows only the 'farbe' of the selected modell & serie)
2. click of farbe
(parameter 'farbe' is selected for another depending chart)

new cklick on modell.
- now the problem happens:
the parameter of farbe is in the state of the last selection in chart 'farbe'
and the chart farbe fails cause within the NEW model there are no elements with the OLD 'farbe'

the mdx query of the chart farbe fails parsing.
(the value of farbe should be reseted to 'null' - then everyting works.

I'm loocking for a way to reset the parameter farbe while executing

within the charts the mdx statements working in this way:
query: function(){

var filter_farbe = "";
if (farbe=="null")
{filter_farbe= ".["+farbe+"]"};

var filter_serie = "";
if (serie=="null")
{filter_serie= ".["+serie+"]"};

var filter_modell = "";
if (modell=="null")
{filter_modell= ".["+modell+"]"};

var query =
"select NON EMPTY {[Measures].[Menge_Zugang], [Measures].[Menge_Abgang]} ON COLUMNS, " +
"NON EMPTY ([Datum].[Alle Tage].children) ON ROWS " +
" from [test" +
" where ([Hersteller_Farbe].[Alle Hersteller Farben]" + filter_farbe + ", "+
" [Hersteller_Serie].[Alle Hersteller Serien]" + filter_serie + ", "+
" [Hersteller_Modell].[Alle Hersteller Modelle]" + filter_modell + ")"
return query;

Thanx for every idea!