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Thread: Access directly to DashBoard

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    Default Access directly to DashBoard

    i've develop a simple dashboard (built from a default dashboard...). Is it possible to login directly into my template.html?
    (pentaho login page-->template.html)

    I try to do this with a simple servlet with a redirect to a specific url...but after login i've a mantle home page...

    -Any idea?


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    resolved....i've a problem with a proxy!

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    Question Solution post ?

    Could you explain / post how you solved this

    "simple servlet with a redirect to a specific url"

    I am wanting to do something like this but base it on the user's credentials, so that different users get taken to a user specific default dashboard.

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    I made this by another way... On pentaho user console you can right click on the dashboard page (the one that you made) and open it on a new window... Use this url and add the parameter userid=user and password=word and the pentaho will log in with this credentials.
    The url will be something like " http://localhost:8080/pentaho.../bla...sword=password

    Hope I could help.

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