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Thread: PRPT Report Burst

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    dmoran Guest


    I'm pretty sure you can only send to one destination - If you are saving to a location that is url addressable, you can tell the browser to redirect to that file by setting an output to destination=response and value of redirect.

    so if the url parameter contains the url of the reoprt you just created, the output would look like
    <url type="string"> 
    it would save the file and load it in the browser.

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    wvaibhav Guest

    Default PRPT Mail sending instructions


    Let us have a very quick instructions for mail sending for prpt in BI 3.5.
    • publish your prpt report on the server
    • copy and paste existing pentaho-solutions\bi-developers\reporting\unified-file-format\email_incomestatement_external.xaction file to your folder and open it in Pentaho Studio
    • Change following in input category
      • inputs --> sendTo --> to your mail ID,
      • resources --> report-definition --> brows to your prpt
    • Keep rest of the things as it is, save, refresh the solution repository and execute your xaction and check your mail, you should receive the mail with an attachment.
    • If mail delivery fails, check the smtp settings.
    • If you want to customize, then you can dig it more to have your look and feel.
    Wants more details, just study the existing .xaction file

    Vaibhav Kumar

    Sorry these are out of the way instructions for getting job done quickly.
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    Some extra notes:

    * Make sure that your published report does not have any spaces in the name. This has caused my burst xaction to error

    * I think for most reports, unless your burst logic is ran by a SQL query, there is no need for any kind of SQL statement to get the report to run. It's all stored in the prpt file.

    * If your report has any parameters, you need to declare them before you run the report.

    If I find any other 'gotchas' I'll post them here.
    The best thing about a boolean is even if you are wrong, you are only off by a bit.

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    wvaibhav Guest

    Default Removed the query instructions

    Hi Alex,

    I have removed the query instruction from the thread and also checked for functioning of the .xaction, it is working fine.

    Thanks for the suggestion.

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    Jan 2008

    Default File Output

    Dear all,

    this thread is dealing with all kind of outputs of an xaction, which unfortunately is not well documented. Therefore I think, this question is appropriate:

    What different possibilities does "Process Outputs" have?

    I am especially interested in the combination of "SimpleReportingComponent" and the output destination "file". The file should be saved somewhere specific on the server and be named by parameters.

    Any hints would help.



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    Default specific

    ... to be more specific:

    I'd like to save executed prpt-Reports on the BI-Server. But somehow SimpleReportingComponent and output destination "file" don't work together.

    I have tried "contentrepo" as destination which works. However, as I apparently can't specify the name (and location) of the files, this way is not suitable for me - with more than 100 created files I need to avoid somehow the effort of renaming them manually.

    Thanks a lot in advance for any help.


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    Default Please

    No one a clue?

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    Jun 2011


    Hi there,

    I have created a xaction on PDS CE 4.0.0 using the Sample Burst Action Template but i am getting an error. Was not supposed to work without any change as it is using sample data? The Send Email template is working well. Or what i am doing wrong or i need to change to put it working? I wanted to have something working even with sample data and then later i could adapt to my scenario that is sending prpt files converted to pdf after getting users emails from database.
    Thanks for helping.

    Error message:

    The Pentaho BI Platform reported an error while running an action sequence

    Possible Causes:
    RuntimeContext.ERROR_0017 - [pt_18] Activity failed to execute
    Action Sequence:EnvioEmail.xaction
    Execution Stack:
    EXECUTING ACTION: Generate the report (org.pentaho.jfree.JFreeReportComponent) in LOOP ON: rule-result
    Loop Index (1-based):0
    Error Time:Quarta-feira, 30 de Novembro de 2011 11H19m GMT
    Error Type:ActionExecutionException
    Session ID:joe
    Instance Id:2d4734a8-1b45-11e1-aa9e-4fde410cc387
    Action Class:org.pentaho.jfree.JFreeReportComponent
    Action Description:Generate the report
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    Nobody helps?

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