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Thread: Source Control: Merging Jobs/Transformations

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    Christian Guest

    Default Source Control: Merging Jobs/Transformations


    I am developing transformations to deal with data migration between
    3rd party applications and our application. Our application is tagged
    at each release (typical software life cycle), but the ETLs move at a
    different rate (depending on customer integration needs), and I need
    to keep multiple versions of the ETL 'alive' at the same time. My
    current thoughts would be to branch the ETLs from the trunk whenever
    creating transformations against a particular application version, and
    merging those changes back to the trunk (say after a released version
    of the ETL to a customer).

    My question is, does merging kettle transformations work as smoothly
    as merging traditional source code, or is it better to manually bring
    across the changes to the trunk? I realize that the transformations
    are just xml behind the scenes, so on a textual level the merge would
    work. However, on the atomic component level and the transformations/
    jobs as a whole, has anyone had problems merging between branches?


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    pentaho_mcasters Guest

    Default Re: Source Control: Merging Jobs/Transformations

    I have no idea why, but for some reason this mail was caught by the
    gmail spam system.
    We don't automatically merge Java source code from branches into trunk
    in the Pentaho source control system (Subversion).
    Doing it with Java would work, but you would still have to test etc.
    It's better to be precise and careful with these things.

    For XML or Metadata in general it's even harder to automate. It's
    better to keep branches alive.
    Please note that PDI version 4.0 will have a pluggable architecture
    allowing any type of source control system (or CMS) to back the
    We created an extensive API to handle this. However, merging code-
    trees is not part of this yet and not planned in the short term

    All the best,

    On Sep 11, 7:10

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