I am developing transformations to deal with data migration between
3rd party applications and our application. Our application is tagged
at each release (typical software life cycle), but the ETLs move at a
different rate (depending on customer integration needs), and I need
to keep multiple versions of the ETL 'alive' at the same time. My
current thoughts would be to branch the ETLs from the trunk whenever
creating transformations against a particular application version, and
merging those changes back to the trunk (say after a released version
of the ETL to a customer).

My question is, does merging kettle transformations work as smoothly
as merging traditional source code, or is it better to manually bring
across the changes to the trunk? I realize that the transformations
are just xml behind the scenes, so on a textual level the merge would
work. However, on the atomic component level and the transformations/
jobs as a whole, has anyone had problems merging between branches?


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