We're close to restarting the sessions for the afternoon, just dropping in to update my fellow Pentaho colleagues on the gathering:)

We got a bit of a late start this morning, mostly because the community started the meetup last night, and the socializing lasted into the wee hours for the group. A great time was had by all :) The morning's speakers had great content, covering a variety of topics, from Mozilla statistics presentation with CDF to the latest revision of PAT, the community analysis tool. Roland and Jos are here, our celebrated Pentaho Solutions authors, signing books and presenting the basics of developing custom CDF components.

And in traditional European holiday style, we're late in getting the afternoon sessions started, most of our group (around 40 attendees with community and Pentaho included)is still in earnest roadmap discussions at the cervesseria :)

Next post, some pics for posterity.

buenos tarde!