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Thread: OFC parameters problem

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    Post OFC parameters problem

    I have an OFC Dashboard running with the CDF over my data. Its dinamic and all works great. But now I'm trying to change the orientation with the 'orientaion: "horizontal",' parameter on the MetaLayer file and nothing seems to work. The graph still vertical.
    I need this because the names of the x axis are big and one come over the other.
    To solve this issue I tried to change the "domainLabelRotationDir" and "domainLabelRotation" but I dont know exactly what values are accepted by these tags. It doesn't work too.

    So, Are these parameters implemented in the OpenFlashChartComponent? If these are implemented what I'm doing wrong?? And Is there some documentation with the default and possibles values for the parameters (I tried to read the org.pentaho.platform.plugin.action.openflashchart.factory on this link but I can't find the parameters)?

    PS: Some of the factories on the javadoc doesn't work on the CDF OpenFlashChartsComponents like Bubble and Dot Charts. Are they implemented?

    Thanks in advance.
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