Just want to express my gratitude to all of those who work at at the Pentaho Orlando location. I just finished the 5 day boot camp course. Anyone who's thinking about using the Pentaho products or is wondering about taking a training course with Pentaho, I Highly Recommended it.

Training facility it an absolute gem. Not only to you get to learn Pentaho you have the engineers and support staff across the hall. Our instructor was absolutely marvelous and covered everything plus more. I was their early each morning to bug her with question..Thanks Lynn

There is nothing like getting a cup of double black diamond coffee in the morning at the facility to kick start the day and chatting away with those who are responsible for developing the product. They listened to your input and let you in on whats ahead for Pentaho.

For the training and access to their staff the price is unbeatable. I've taken plenty of training with the big name database companies and they don't even compare for what you get.

Special thanks to Dave Mathews, Michael Tarallo, Will, Lynn and Wayne.

I look forward to using their product to help our business become more efficient and successful.

Daniel B.