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Thread: New Dashboard

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    Default New Dashboard

    All good afternoon.
    I have loaded Pentaho biserver3.5 from a site I start biserver (the operating system - opensuse). I don't have button "new dashboard", as on How to me to create new dashboard?

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    The demo is the Enterprise version. You have the community edition. Either buy the full version or check out the CDF and its dashboard designer.

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    Many thanks for the answer.
    But where in CDF dashboard designer? How it to start? I have made some reports and cubes. Has published them in biserver. Whether I can fast make of them now a portal? I think, is for this purpose necessary dashboard?
    Thankful in advance.

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    I read the documentation on CDF on a site, but have not understood, how to me fast to create dashboard with my reports and cubes. Advise, please, as it to make or where about it to read well.

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    have a look at the CDF examples, each dashboard has it's own folder under CDF samples in the Pentaho Solution repository.

    If you want to test the CDF Editor, have a look here.

    Webdetails has also a CDF Tutorial for sale:

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    How much I have understood, *.xaction files I can create with the help Dashboard or DesignStudio. They open in a browser. But how to me these files to unite in one solution? *.xcdf and template.html files to create manually? And how the final decision to publish in biserver?
    Thankful in advance.

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    What is a solution from your point of view?

    You can create reports with the Report Designer and Publish them to the BI -Server from within the Report Designer.

    You can create xAction with the Design Studio and put them in the Solution Repository of the BI Server.

    Both can be accessed via the BI Servers GUI - called Pentaho User Console PUC. I guess that's what you mean when you say they open in a browser.

    If you want a Dashboard (which might use your reports or xactions), you can build that manually (create xcdf and template.html etc.) and put them manually into the Solution Repository on the BI Server by whatever means. (FTP etc.) There is an EXPERIMENTAL online CDF Editor that I mentioned above, that works directly on the BI Server's Soultion Repository.

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    Many thanks.
    I assumed that template is created by means of any application. Now to me, like, all is clear.
    I will understand with Dashboards components and to create my Dashboard.

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    Help, please, with one more problem. I have created and have published the report by means of Report Designer on a server. For me has formed *.xaction, *.properties, *.xml files. This *.xaction file opens by reference in a browser, but I cannot include it in the dashboard. How to me it to make?
    Thankful in advance.

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    Just use an xAction component. You'll find a sample in the CDF Documentation that is included in the BI server

    BI Developers Exsamples/CDF/Documentaition/ComponentReference/Core Components/Xaction Component

    Here is the source code of the example:

    var topTenCustomers = 
      name: "topTenCustomers",
      type: "xaction",
      solution: "bi-developers",
      path: "cdf-samples/20-samples/home_dashboard",
      action: "topTenCustomers.xaction",
      listeners:["productLine", "territory"],
      parameters: [["productLine", null], ["territory", null]],
      htmlObject: "sampleObject",
      executeAtStart: true,
      tooltip: "My first dashboard"

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