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Thread: Community Dashboard Framework - Dashboard Editor Bugs/Suggestions

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    Post Community Dashboard Framework - Dashboard Editor Bugs/Suggestions

    Pedro Alves revealed a very experimental (yet good enough to get the job done ) version of CDF Dashboard Editor @ Pentaho Community Meeting, in Barcelona.
    This new tool allows developers/advanced users to build/edit their own dasboards right out of User Console, in a graphical UI.

    For the ones interested on trying Dashboard Editor, you can get it here.

    This thread was created to give some feedback to the cdf-de developers, as well as to discuss bugs or to suggest new features for Dashboard Editor.

    Go try it out and leave your appreciation here.


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    Its not destroyed me yet \o/
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    Sweet. Simple as that.
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    I got the following error

    SolutionRepository.ERROR_0009 - The solution document /TenthPlanet/MyDash_tmp.cdfde is not a valid XML document

    in the pentaho.log file,please refer me

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    install latest version. That's an harmless error
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