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Thread: Differences in HTML from version 2.0.0 stable to 3.6.0 stale

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    Default Differences in HTML from version 2.0.0 stable to 3.6.0 stale

    I am upgrading CDF dashboards originally developed under version 2.0.0 stable to version 3.6.0 stable of the platform. I have run into an issue:

    I have a multiple select component on my CDF dashboard that I use to get parameter values to feed into xactions that use SQL in order to draw charts and graphs.

    I have javascript code that looks at the multiple select dropdown to see how many values are selected and what the values are.

    In version 3.6.0

    When using a type “selectMulti” component in the CDF (and possibly other components as well), the html that gets generated for the <select> doesn’t include the “id” attribute in version 3.6.0.

    Here is the html currently under version 3.6.0:

    <div id="comp_selectMulti">
    <select multiple="" size="4">
    <option value="Option 1">

    This prevents me from referring to this select using the javascript document.myform.mySelectName

    Here is the html that was generated using the same CDF parameters in version 2.0.0 of the platform

    <div id="comp_selectMulti">
    <select id="mySelectName" multiple="" size="4">
    <option value="Option 1">

    I have other single select components for other parameters and may want other multi-select components on the form as well. I was able to use the
    "id" attribute to identify the proper component for interrogation, but now that logic won't work in version 3.6.0

    Can anyone give me assistance on how to accomplish this in version 3.6.0


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    Yes - that change was the result of a bug fix.

    Use values = $("#comp_selectMulti select").val()

    Note that now values is an array, as opposed to a string separated by commas
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