I have a report that breaks if some values on selected filters.

eg. there are 3 regions but only one contains data, filter is multiple selection (check box) and in SQL lookup this looks something like this:

where ... and coalesce(case when pm.REGION_ID = '' then 'NA' else pm.REGION_ID end , 'NA') in ({PREPARE:inputRegion}) ...

(case is because if region field is empty it's displayed as unknown)

all data in test table is with no region set, and works fine if "Unknown" region is selected but if it's unchecked it breaks with following error:

Error: Could not format template - java.lang.NullPointerException (org.pentaho.platform.plugin.action.builtin.TemplateComponent)

Debug: Starting execute of SuperiusReports//A8.xaction (org.pentaho.platform.engine.services.solution.SolutionEngine)
Debug: Getting runtime context and data (org.pentaho.platform.engine.services.solution.SolutionEngine)
Debug: Loading action sequence definition file (org.pentaho.platform.engine.services.solution.SolutionEngine)
Debug: audit: instanceId=eae9135c-b49a-11de-851d-8f3cfe553edf, objectId=org.pentaho.platform.engine.services.runtime.RuntimeContext, messageType=action_sequence_start (org.pentaho.platform.engine.services.runtime.RuntimeContext)
Error: Could not format template - java.lang.NullPointerException (org.pentaho.platform.plugin.action.builtin.TemplateComponent)
Error: RuntimeContext.ERROR_0012 - ActionDefinition for TemplateComponent did not execute successfully (org.pentaho.platform.engine.services.runtime.RuntimeContext)
Error: SolutionEngine.ERROR_0007 - Action sequence execution failed (org.pentaho.platform.engine.services.solution.SolutionEngine)

Server Version: Pentaho Platform Engine Core 3.5.0.RC2.39259

But this happens just on some filters, while on others works fine. (it should just display report with no data on it)

Report is created in Report designer 3.0 runs on reporting 3.5

Any idea?