Can someone help provide the following data about Pentaho as a BI solution:

1) Can you list out the BI (Business Intelligence) only products your company offers with a brief overview of what the products purpose is.
2) Can you give me some information about your company (brief overview)
3) For each application can you give me the following details:
a) Current Version of the application and how long it has been at this version.
b) Were there any major changes from the previous version to the latest version.
c) Do you have any other products that cover the same area as the listed products or is there any commonalities between them.
d) How old are each of the products from start to current.
e) Were any of these products you list acquired from other companies if so which company and what was the old name of the product if any.
4) Can you give me the marketshare of each product you mention.
5) Are there any other products that have to be used in conjuction/addition to the products you mention.


Akshay Srinivasan