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Thread: format message-fields.

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    Default format message-fields.

    How can i format a message field in rd 3.5

    for example i want to format a message field as money, like i would would a number field.

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    or better yet is it possible to dynamically convert field types?

    Lets say i have colums that returns sales.

    most times i'll just use a number field and format it to look like the following,


    However sometimes the database returns null. and i want my report to display N/A.

    my solution was to add a formula if(isna([sales]);"N/A";[sales])

    the problem is if i use a number field it will not display "n/a". If i use a text or message field. i cant format my number into a currency format.

    any help will be appreciated.

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    The message-fields can contain Number-Formats, by using a Number subformat.

    Every element has a "null-value" attribute that will be printed instead of the value read from the field, if the field's value is null. There is no need to do formula-magic, just fill in the correct value into the null-value attribute.
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