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    Default DOCUMENTMETADATA function

    PRD-2208 states :
    Hidden parameters are parameters that have the "ParameterAttributeNames.Core.NAMESPACE, ParameterAttributeNames.Core.HIDDEN" attribute set to true.

    Does this mean that the function DOCUMENTMETADATA can return the value of the checkbox Hidden of the parameters?

    I tried the following openformulla :
    But this does not seem to do what i intended. Is there some documentation that you can point me to?

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    No. Parameter-Definitions have their properties defined as <namespace, name> attributes.
    The hidden-attribute there really only controls the way the UI is generated and these properties are not exposed to the inner workings of the report.

    The DocumentMetaData function is used to query the document metadata, like Author, Title or Modification-Date. It is not related in any way to parameter attributes.
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    Default .

    I just want to know if the parameter is visible in the UI, so i know if i have to display particular values in the report header.
    If i understand it right, currently there is no function that does this.

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