With reference to I've been
looking into I've converted it to a Junit 4
parameterised test so that it returns a pass/fail test result for each
transformation tested rather than a single pass/fail test result for all
transformations. To do this I've replaced all instances of junit.jar
(or junit-4.1.jar) with the latest junit-4.7.jar.

I've removed the checking of the log output - I can't see the sense in
that, why check if a log file is exactly the same as the previous log
file. Doesn't it only matter that the output files are identical? I've
removed one broken transformation that was never going to work - it
relied on a non-existent FTP site and then checked that the log file was

I've got all the remaining unit tests passing on Linux (ubuntu 9.10).
I've spoken to phyto on IRC and he says hudson can handle JUnit4.

Is there any objection to me committing this patch?



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