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Thread: Defining chart colors

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    Default Defining chart colors

    Hi all!

    If I don't define the color-palette of my dashboard-charts in their xaction-file a standard color-palette of pentaho is beeing used. Where can I change these colors to implement a corporate design?

    Thank you in advance

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    No Idea?

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    It depends in what way you create the charts.

    E.g. if you use the "new" chartbeans you can create a theme in .../pentaho-solutions/system/chartbeans/themes

    If you use the "old" chart component you'll find your answer here. You just create a color-palette tag like this within the chart tag:

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    Thanks Ingo for your answer!

    Until now I have defined the colors using the "old" way by placing the color-palette in each chart definition. But If I want to change these colors I need to change them in every chart I created so long. That's a bit complicated and I wondered if there was a way to define the colors "globally".

    Do I need to upgrade from my currently used version 3.0 of the bi-server to 3.5 to use the "new" way with the chart beans template?

    What I actually wanted to know is where the standard colors of pentaho charts are defined. If I don't use the color-palette attribute in the chart definition a predefined color-palette is beeing used. It would be great to know where this one is stored.

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    I think chartbeans were introdoced in 3.5 but I'm not sure. Have a look if you find chartbeans samples in the BI Developers Samples.

    The standard color palette might be defined somewhere in the source code of the chart classes, but again I'm not sure.

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    Thanks Ingo for your help

    I've upgraded to 3.5 and wanted to use chart beans in my dashboard but I read here: that the integration of chart beans into cdf is not yet possible. Is that true or did I get something wrong?

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    There is no widget for them, but you could create an xaction using the chart beans and use the xaction component to dispaly them in CDF...but you have to try it out yourself, that is theory on my part at the moment.

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    I will try it and let you know how it works.

    Thanks again

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    I tried to open one of the chart beans samples within a cdf dashboard. If I open this Action Sequence it shows the chart but inside the dashboard it doesn't work and the tomcat console doesn't produce any messages. Firebug shows this "<div id="cdfErrorDiv"/>" where the chart should be placed.

    Has anyone succeded in placing a chart beans chart into a cdf-dashboard?

    Maybe the size of the chart has to be reduced? Or is this done automatically?

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    Never worked with charbeans, I don't know...
    Pedro Alves
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    Solved the CDF xaction with chartbeans issue.

    Add this property to your component:


    Then it should work.

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    Great! It works perfekt
    Thank you!

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    Solved the CDF xaction with chartbeans issue.

    Add this property to your component:


    Then it should work
    Ehm...iframe into executexaction?


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