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Thread: How can i use a Slowly Changing Dimension type 2 with Mondrian?

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    Default How can i use a Slowly Changing Dimension type 2 with Mondrian?

    I have a dimension with time-dependent attributes, and the fields date_from, date_to and version. The dimension has a surrogate key, and the time dependent attributes are modeled as properties, and date_fro and other aren´t included in the scheme, by now.
    How should i use Mondrian to analyze facts bearing in mind that i want show the correct attribute value accross the time?
    Although technically this should be easy using a surrogate key, the truth is i can´t model a Mondrian scheme that work in this scenario.
    I think maybe Mondrian doesn´t support this scenario.
    Please, can somebody help me?

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    If you have the surrogate key in your fact table I see no problem. You use this key as primary key for the dimension and for the join between fact table and dimension table.

    If you want to only display one item per object and not all versions in the hierarchy, make sure that you use a different column e.g. the business key for the lowest hierarchy level.


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    Hi Ingo, thanks for your response.
    I had tried your solution before to post this thread,
    but i can´t have the response i want...
    I´ll report a bug to jira...
    Thanks again!

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