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Thread: Pentaho 1.7 double <col> for each <td>

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    Question Pentaho 1.7 double <col> for each <td>

    Hi I am running Pentaho 1.7 and in a lot of my reports a cell actually gets 2 columns. For instance under <table> there are twice more <col> elements than <td> in each <tr>. What happens then is <td> gets a colspan of 2, while <col> elements are as follows:

    <col style="width: 2pt;"></col>
    <col style="width: 82pt;"></col>
    <col style="width: 78pt;"></col>
    <col style="width: 2pt;"></col>
    That's how Pentaho is generating html for me. It is clear that 82 pt and 78 pt are cols for my actual data, however, not sure why the 2pt cols are coming as well. If anyone of you could explain why the 2pt cols are coming and if there's any way to get rid of them and then not even have colspan that would be excellent.

    As always, any help will be greatly appreciated.


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    The reason for the little columns is probably because they are not exactly aligned. If you create a csv or excel output you will probably get tiny little columns (or empty ones in csv).

    To fix this make sure all the columns, headings and footers are lined up exactly.

    Good luck


    PS: Why are you still using 1.7? They have just released 3.5
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    Thanks wselwood for the quick reply

    All I have in the report is Item Band with fields and then I have Group Header -> Subband -> fields and also Group Header -> fields. All the fields have exactly the same size no decimals and same positions. So not sure what else to look for.

    Yes I really want to move to 3.5 but its not in my power .

    My real problem with this is that IE 6 and 7 display this table very differently from Firefox. First column's text field wraps to another line in the Item Band. I keep making this larger and as far as html is concerned it changes and Firefox displays the change. You can see it getting bigger while IE - html is different but no change in the rendering. That's my real problem.

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