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Thread: Is there any getting-start instruction for Dashboard?

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    Default Is there any getting-start instruction for Dashboard?


    I'm very new to Pentaho Dashboard and struggling to find how I can start an operational dashboard for my own database.

    I used Kettle 3.2 to collect data into mySQL database and now try to put these data into a dashboard.

    Where can I find a "crash course" of how to install the software and start creating a dashboard?

    Thank you in advance


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    If you use the Pentaho BI-Server I guess the best way is to have a look at the sample dashboards in the Pentaho User Console in the folders "BI Developer Examples/CDF/Samples" and "BI Developer Examples/CDF/Documentation/Component Reference/Core Components".

    If you create your own dashboards step by step on basis of these samples you will learn fast.

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    You can find a step by step tutorial in
    Pedro Alves
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