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Thread: two problem about line_wrap and dynamic_height

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    Default two problem about line_wrap and dynamic_height

    Hello everyone ,

    I have use the pentaho report designer 3.0.0 , and the pentaho-reporting-engine-classic- , now I am using the pentaho report designer to design the report , and then publish it to local computer to generate the xml file , at last import the xml file in my program .

    I have use the pentaho report designer 3.0.0 to build my report for several mouths . In my opinion , it is very useful, and easy to use .But There are still two problems that I can’t resolve until now.

    1 The first one is that the element(text_field ,number_field , message_field etc.) in the pentaho report designer 3.0.0 can’t auto_linewrap accord to the word length , the Taqua said that the linewrapping always wraps on Word-Boundaries and there is currently no way of changing that , and he want me to extend the element’s width. But in our work , the element’s width will be set to stable , and the value of the element will be input by the customer , So I can’t make sure the element’s width is adapted to the customer’s input . I find there are two instance when the word is over the elements’ width .when the word over the elements’ border is on the last line ,the element will be shown the value of Reserved Literal ,.else the word will overlay the elements’ border . I think there must be some methods to do about this , I think maybe I can resolve this problem thought set the value of Style Expression , but I can’t find any help document by how to set the value of Style Expression .

    2 The second one is about the dynamic height . As you known , the dynamic_height is very useful . We can use set this property to be true to make the element height to dynamic to adapt the content of the element . This is the one I just do . But There is another problem , if there is serval message_field in the itemband ,they have the same width and height , they are all set the dynamic_height to be true , they are arrange to one by one , but according to the customers’ input , maybe some message_fields’ width will be expand , and the other message maybe not expand ,or maybe expand to less or more , so the report will not be continuous , and this is unacceptable to us . Is there some methods to make several elements’ height to be connect , when anyone of their height is expand , the others will expand the same .

    So these are my question :
    !: How can I deal with the line_wrap ;
    2 How can I make the elements’ height to expand to keep the same .

    In order to make my question to be more easier to understand , I have make an example for you to see . The picture ‘s name is example.bmp , the pdf file’s name is example.pdf. I have set three message_fields in the report_header ,three message_fields in the itemband , three message_fields in the report footer , the width and height are all to set to be same , and they also to be set the dynamic_height to be true .As you see , the first row is the report header , 2-4 row is the itemband , the last row is report footer . I think everyone see the report will agree with me , this problem must to be settled.

    I have been stocked by these problem for several weeks , I am very need the help from any of you .So if some one of you can help me , please help me and give me the advise . I am waiting for the advise from you .
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