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Thread: question about the web report

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    Default question about the web report

    Hello everyone ,

    I have ask some questions about the web report ,but there is no one answer me .And I an been stocked form it for several days. I really need who one help me.

    My question is this:

    I have use the pentaho report designer 3.0.0 , and the pentaho-reporting-engine-classic- , now I am using the pentaho report designer to design the report , and then publish it to local computer to generate the xml file , at last import the xml file in my program .

    Now we want to use the JFreeReport in the web . So we first use the xml file build by pentaho report designer 3.0.0 to generate JFreeReport ,and set the value of the parameter in the JFreeReport ,After that I make a Serverlet which extends the HttpServlet, so in the the fuction of dopost() or doget() we import the JFreeReport ,and then we use the function of createStreamHTML(JFreeReport report,OutputStream outputStream) in the Class of HtmlReportUtil to output the report . It works well . But I still have some problem.

    1 the web report cann’t linebreak by word-bounderies ,it always to be a line;

    2 the web report can show the border of the elements, even the line element in the report will be shown incorrectly;

    3 the web report can only be shown 3000 rows data , if over , it turn out to java Cache is not enough.We think it is because it is not pagination.But how can we accomplish the web report pagination.

    4 the web report can’t show chart. We add a drawfield in the report , and we set the parameter thought the function of setProperty().But in the web report, it can’t be seen.

    5 How can we write the position relative in the pentaho report designer . We add static image in the report , we just use the position relative in the xml file , we just put the gif file in the same folder with the xml file , but it turn out to be fail.

    In order to describe my question clearly , I just upload the web report in the attachment manage.There is two file the report.xls is made by the java , the webreport.xls is made by the web , they are use the same xml file , but the result is deffent , you can see the distinguish .Is there some one who can tell me why?

    Hope for the advise.
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