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Thread: question about pagination.

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    Default question about pagination.

    Hello everyone ,

    Now I have a problem about the pagination.

    My question is this , I have design some element in the page_header and page_footer to show in the top and the bottom in the every page of my report. There is just two element in the report_header, the title and the data, the title is in the left , the data is in the right , the content of the data is very big ,so I make the title and the data ‘s dynamic_height to be true ,and I have make the min_height to be 100%.But there is a problem that , the content of the data will often two big that it will make pagination , so it is that the content of the data will often to be shown in the page2.But in this situation ,the page_header and the page_footer will ofren be cover ,is there some methods to solve this problem?

    To describe the problem cleanly , I have upload two pdf file ,page1.pdf,and page2.pdf.You can see in the page1.pdf that I have put the static_image of KPLC.gif, the message_field of the Department:,and the message_field of formular-day-1(no ct/pt)(kwh)(A-04-01) in the page_header , and I have made the message_field of List: Supervisor: Date: 2009-12-11 16:26:41 and the message_field of a=b in the page_footer.I have to element in the report_header ,the title of formala ,and the content of the formala.when the report just have a page , it will all be right. But if the content of the formula is too large to be shown in the page two , you can see that in the page2.pdf, the page_footer in the page1 is been cover and the report_header of the page2 is not to be seen .

    So is there some methods to deal with this problem?I have been stocked by this problem for several days . I am really need someone to help me . So please give me the advise ,and I am really need for it . Thanks very much.

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