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Thread: Should the Analyzer Plugin (not open source) be in the default Spoon build

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    dmoran Guest

    Exclamation Should the Analyzer Plugin (not open source) be in the default Spoon build

    The visualization aspect of the changes to Spoon to support the Pentaho Agile BI initiative presents an interesting challenge. Currently the best visualization tool that we have at Pentaho is Pentaho Analyzer (formerly LucidEra's ClearView.) The first milestone of Agile BI, which is now available, includes Spoon with a special build of Analyzer. As such, the current download can no longer be called open source. This has repercussions like not being able to host it on or maybe offending someone.

    After some internal debate, we believe that we need to support both including Analyzer, as well as supporting a fully open source option. Our current plan is to use the plugin architecture that was added to Spoon in the first milestone to allow the visualization to be changeable. This would allow JPivot and eventually PAT to be used instead.

    The next question is how should Spoon be packaged? Fully open source with the ability to drop in Analyzer or with Analyzer included by default and have the ability to remove it?

    We are sensitive to the fact that this may be an issue for people and would like to talk about it now and get some good community feedback early in the development cycle. If you are passionate about this topic, please give your opinion. If you really don't care, and think there are better things we can be worrying about, let us know that too. Also - Pentaho is not licensed to open source Analyzer so that would not be an option worth discussing.

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