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Thread: Should the Analyzer Plugin (not open source) be in the default Spoon build

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    Codek, haven't you just summarized what everyone else said?
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    nope, not really!

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    I will probably be re-iterating what has already been stated below. As an EE customer, it is obvious that the functionality in analyzer is presently leaps and bounds ahead of the other mondrian front-ends. I know that it is not up for discussion to make the analyzer code open to the community. I do think that it needs to be determined if the analyzer product, not the code will be available to non EE customers. I agree that the CE version should be 100% open source, such that the line is clear. As a result, the ability to plug-in to the appropriate front-end (PAT, JPivot, Analyzer, something else) needs to be extremely trivial to the end-user (perhaps just some
    select box configuration that then pulls down the source and has you up and running).

    Just my 2-cents,


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    Normal practice out there is to separate the non-open source portions. It prevents legal issues and also prevents the open portions from being eroded into "closed" source.

    Whilst the plugin may be fantastic, that doesn't mean some of us want to be forced to now spend real money when before we just spent staff hours

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