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Thread: Problem with jTable and jFreeChart with sql

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    Default Problem with jTable and jFreeChart with sql

    In cdf 3.2 I had a strange problem trying to use the table and jfreechart component with sql. After changing to components for theit SQL version in the cdf/component folder, I ws getting errors when trying to use them.

    Mostly null pointer exception with the jfreechart module.

    After trying everything, I ended up opening and saving those two xaction files with design studio and all the problems went away.

    I did a compare between the before and after and there was no big changes. In fact, the diff was finding differences I could not see (like blank lines).

    I still have no ideas what happened, but I'm posting this in case someby gets the same problem.

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    I cannot find any explanation to that. Blank lines in xml files don't explain NPE.

    But thanks for the post - I'll keep a look on it
    Pedro Alves
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