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Thread: Does jfreechart support sql ?

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    Default Does jfreechart support sql ?

    Does jfreechart support sql in CDF

    I am trying to plot a chart in dashboard using sql. I have uncommented the 'action definition ' from the Jfreechart.xaction.

    Here is my template.html
    <div id="dashboard">

    <div class="span-15 last hide step2 step3 step4 step5 step6">come on
    <div id="sampleObject" class="span-4"></div> </div>


    <script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">

    var MetaLayerHome2 = {
    topTenCustomerDefinition: {
    width: 500,
    height: 300,
    chartType: "BarChart",
    datasetType: "CategoryDataset",
    is3d: false,
    byRow: false,
    isStacked: false,
    includeLegend: false,
    domainLabelRotation: 0,
    backgroundColor: "#F3F3F3",
    title: "Top 10 Customers",
    orientation: 'vertical',
    queryType: 'sql',
    jndi: "Saas_DB",
    query: function(){

    var query = " SELECT sum(Sales_Fact.Quantity_Sold) , Sales_Fact.Store_ID , Sales_Fact.Time_Id "+
    " FROM Sales_Fact GROUP BY Sales_Fact.Store_ID,Sales_Fact.Time_Id";
    return query;


    var topTenCustomers =
    name: "topTenCustomers",
    type: "jFreeChartComponent",
    chartDefinition: MetaLayerHome2.topTenCustomerDefinition,
    htmlObject: "sampleObject",
    executeAtStart: true


    my jndi is working fine with report studio. but i am getting error "Error: connectFactory.Error_001- Database connection could not be established to Saas_DB" .

    am i missing any thing or doing anything wrong ?

    help me out .....

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    Database connection could not be established to Saas_DB - this seems like an error connecting to the database.

    Also, I'm not sure that's a valid query, I was expecting something on the lines of select name, value from xxxx
    Pedro Alves
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    The query is valid one , i have used the same query to plot a chart in report designer.
    and i am able to connect to my DB from report designer and user console.

    do i need to configure something in Jfreechart.xaction or somewhere to connect to my db(Teradata) through the dashboard ?

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    Did you replace the xaction or edited the original file?
    I replaced the old file with the *.sql and it works for me.
    Have you tried to use sql in the Jfreechart example?

    query = "Select department, sum(actual) as actual, sum(budget) as budget from quadrant_actuals group by department"


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    Thanx Andreas, pmalves for your quick reply..

    actually the error is due to 'GlobalNamingResources', 'realm' parameters in server.xml which i configured wrongly.

    now my jfreechart is working fine ...

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