Hello everyone

My infrastructure is:
Windows XP
BIPlatform 3.0

I have consulted as create. dasboards jsp to generate in the pentaho platform and found that these files. jsp are copied in the path: biserver-ce \ tomcat \ webapps \ pentaho platform but I have a problem and is not how to compile these files in the same pentaho, since I see that these are pentaho libraries and the path: biserver-ce \ tomcat \ work \ Catalina \ localhost \ pentaho \ org \ apache \ jsp at the time of update is generated A folder with the same name as in the previous route and this generates two java files one another. class that would be the compilation of the jsp.
My problem is,
I created a new folder and within that I included some files. jsp two dashboard, but do not know how to compile them into the pentaho so when updating, the path where the apache \ jsp I generates both files java and. class compiled.
anyone know how can I compile these files and I appear on the route apache \ jsp?. since at the time of executing the url that invokes the. jsp shows I Dasboard and apparently is compiling problem and I think I only need this for my Dasboard is ready.

thank you very much for your attention