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Thread: Hierarchy of parameters

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    Default Hierarchy of parameters

    Prompt please how to construct hierarchy of parameters.
    For me at parameter should be present "department" and "employee". At a choice "department №1" employees of this department (record "All employees") should be selected.
    For the report it is necessary to filter departments (the report on full department) and employees in department.

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    Good afternoon.
    Someone has ideas about such functionality? At least any sentences.
    I except concatenation of strings of department and employee have thought up nothing that.

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    i don't understand your question but you want to have a master and slave parameter?

    if this is, you have to write 2 querys like

    query 1
    Select Departments from departments

    Select employees from "any table join any table(not necesary to join)" where
    tableX.department in ${Department}

    so query1 and query2 are "paramters query"
    and in your main query

    Select * from table where department = ${parameter1} and employe = ${parameter2}

    hope it helps you

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    Many thanks!
    Your advice has very much helped. All works as it is necessary.

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