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Thread: Strange problem assigning grants to folders on a solution

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    Default Strange problem assigning grants to folders on a solution

    I've a problem granting authorizations to roles on objects contained on a solution's folder. I try to explain what happens with a little sample made on the Steel Wheels demo.

    I created a new folder under Steel Wheel let me say "Test Folder" and I assigned that folder the following grants "Create, Update, Delete, Execute" for role cto. Then I assigned to role cto ONLY execute access to folder "Analisys" and I CLEARED all the permissions assigned to every single objects contained in that folder for the same role (I made this supposing that every object inherits permissions from the containing folder).

    My expectations were that

    1) role cto can start analisys views from the "Analisys" folder, modify it and then save modified views in the "Test Folder" folder.
    2) User assigned to that role CANNOT save modified view in the originating folder "Analisys".

    If you setup the system that way you can see that every save to "Test Folder" made by user suzy (that belongs to cto) fails unexpectedly. It seems that the system isn't considering in its evaluation the grants assigned to the target folder but always considers the grants given or inherited by the kind of object we're going to save. To demnstrate this, give every object contained in the "Analisys" folder the update grant. This way users belonging to cto role can save to "Test folder" but can also save also to "Analisys" folder (... and in my opinion this is also a problem because cto role has only execute grant assigned so it isn't possible).

    Is there anyone that can help me understanding if I'm doing something wrong or if this is a bug and I've to put it into jira?



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    You can find a patch for this issue attached to the following JIRA issue

    Kind regards


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    Default Not a bug that I can tell

    Hey all,

    I closed as cannot reproduce and created a detailed test script that I followed in trying to re-produce. I've closed the JIRA (without accepting the contribution).

    Thanks very much though for contributing. For cases like this, including a detailed reproduction path would have helped us analyze it sooner.


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