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Thread: Pentaho Reporting 3.5 Templates

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    Default Pentaho Reporting 3.5 Templates

    Can someone point me in the right direction if I wanted to create some additional templates for the "Report Design Wizard" that is included with the "Report Designer" software.

    Thank you in advance,

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    In 3.5 templates are ordinary prpt files. Look in the templates folder of the Report Designer for the existing templates and use them as a guide. Just open them with the RD and save them under a different name in the same folder.

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    If you have a look at File -> Report Properties in a Template File you'll see some information which tells the PRD that this is a template... but you can also use an existing template and just modify it!

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    Well, actually, these properties are purely optional (its just the title for the template there). We are cheap and simple and accept any prpt file as a template.
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