Software Developer, Semiconductor Mnf. Decision Support/Business Intelligence systems (sa004)
Act as the lead software developer for system planning, development, and deployment of a Manufacturing Decision Support system for fabs. The system in question involves joint consideration of statistical process control (SPC), defect/yield management, and cycle time/capacity management. To apply, please read job application details at the bottom of the listing.

- Be the in-house expert on the Decision Support/Business Intelligence platform used to implement the application.
- Be the in-house expert on the underlying Databases of the application and their implementation with MySQL.
- Be the lead programmer in the implementation of the overall “enterprise class” software, i.e. address data feeds, data pre-processing, and results presentation in reports & dashboards. Work with other team-members to implement data analysis algorithms, predictive calculations, and optimization.
- Organize and manage a basic source code management and bug tracking system.
- Quickly acquire a conceptual understanding of novel mathematical algorithms developed by other team-members and help implement them in code.
- Collaborate with team on design, development, testing and deployment.
- Lead the conduct of system performance and SQA unit & integration testing.
- Participate in training/support to customers in the semiconductor industry, may include occasional travel.
- Participate in the creation of manuals, software implementation plans & roadmaps, and whitepapers.
- Take care of practical aspects related to hardware and software on servers running the Decision Support software.
- Be self-motivated in finding answers and learning what is needed to meet goals
- Conduct other related works per request, e.g. help with occasional in-house IT issues.

- Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or Engineering. Graduate degree preferred in fields such as Computer Science, Engineering (especially Industrial Engineering, Operations Research and/or Systems Engineering), Management Science, Manufacturing Engineering, Statistics, Applied Mathematics, and Economics.
- Minimum 3 years of working experience with Java & SQL, and good exposure to c/c++, MySQL and MATLAB programming. 5 years of working experience if no graduate degree.
- Strong experience in Database, Data Warehouse, and OLAP design and implementation.
- Strong experience with all related elements of Mnf. Decision Support and/or Business Intelligence (BI) systems, e.g. ETL/Data Integration, Reporting, Dashboards, Data Mining, and Predictive Analytics. Experience with the Pentaho BI platform a very big plus.
- Work experience in semiconductor manufacturing (or related high-tech manufacturing) that includes exposure to Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES). Exposure to semiconductor Yield Management Systems (YMS) and general metrology, defect control, and yield management a very big plus.
- Demonstrated effective communication skills and an ability to work in a dynamic startup environment.
- An inherent desire to be a key contributor in a small startup and a willingness to get some fraction of the salary in the form of equity.
For individuals with the above education, skills, and qualifications, this job is a unique opportunity to become an early key member of a startup. In addition to quick advancement and monetary reward, associated benefits include an opportunity to establish a prestigious achievement & reputation in the semiconductor and general productivity industry.

The company is a startup pioneering a novel software-based productivity leverage to help fabs increase yields, reduce cycle time, and contain process control costs that are escalating quickly. The company enables this through a set of interdisciplinary innovations in factory modeling, yield modeling, queueing theory, optimization, and factory automation. The company has seed funding and strong partnerships in the semiconductor industry.

- No third party applications.
- No outsourcing or remote work. Physical presence at the company office is required. The office is in the vicinity of San Francisco Airport. No offers for outsourced or remote work will be considered for this position, these offers will be ignored and applicable email addresses will be tagged as a spam source on the company system.
- This job listing is available in the jobs section on, apply there OR by sending email to Please use only one of those methods.
- If applying through email, please include listing number “sa004” in the subject line.
- Qualified candidates must be able to demonstrate authorization to work in the United States by the start date. The start date is planned to be no later than February 10th 2010. Candidates that cannot demonstrate work authorization by this start date should not apply.
- The employer will provide necessary sponsorship to transfer existing authorizations, but the candidate will have to carry any cost associated with the transfer.
- After applying, please do not email and/or call company and/or suggest connections on LinkedIn unless the company requests that.
- Company does not offer any relocation payments.