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Thread: Calling a web service from dashboard

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    Default Calling a web service from dashboard


    We have a deployed a java web service to the Tomcat webserver within Pentaho. What is the best way to call this from the dashboard. We have tried putting an html form on the page and deploying a java servlet to handle the forms post event. This works from outside of the dashboard but we are struggling to get this to work from within a cdf dashboard.

    Is there any exmaples or documentation available that will help us here?

    What we need to do is pass a parameter from the dashboard to a webservice and then execute a method on the webservice. The web service will run a process and upon completion write some data to a database. We then want to redirect the dashboard to another page that displays the results.

    Any help will be appreciated.

    Many thanks,


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    Think we might be approaching this the wrong way!

    Looks like we should be writing an Action and then a Pentaho plugin - as described here:

    Is this the correct way to extend the functionality of the BI Platform? I guess the Action could call a webservice....
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