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Thread: SelectComponent event

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    Default SelectComponent event

    I'm having problem to add an event to a SelectComponent:

    components[components.length] = {    
            name: "listaExercicios", type: "selectComponent",
            solution: solution, path: path,
            action: "getExercicios.xaction",
            htmlObject: "listaExercicios",
                       $("select").prepend("<option value='All' selected='selected'>Todos</option>");
            preChange: function(){
                alert("Running the preChange!");
            executeAtStart: true
    Is this the correct way to fire the changes in SelectComponent??

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    You shouldn't need to have a .ready function in there

    try just (although you could try fireChange(,"All"):

    $("select").prepend("<option value='All' selected='selected'>Todos</option>");
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    I think I have to explain more!

    I'm creating a dashboard with one SelectComponent and two bar charts. My intention is when a user select a year in SelectComponent my charts change the information. So, my problem is linking the select event of SelectComponent with the chart.
    I've read some documentation about CDF and understood that the way to do this is calling "Dashboards.processChange" method and implementing "preChange: function()", but it isn't working!

    Is this the correct way to do this??

    P.S.: Thanks pmalves, .ready function really isn't necessary.

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    Smile Solved

    I used simple jquery methods:

                var valor=$("#listaExercicios option:selected").val();
    This worked fine!

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