I am invoking a transformation on a remote server from my application which is running in Weblogic server using the following code:

SlaveServer myserver = new SlaveServer();
myserver.setName("remoteServer"); myserver.setUsername("cluster");
TransExecutionConfiguration executionConfiguration = new TransExecutionConfiguration();
Trans.sendToSlaveServer(transMeta, executionConfiguration, null);
Trans.monitorRemoteTransformation(transMeta.getName(), myserver, 0);

This is throwing me a 401 unauthorized error.
But when I deploy the same application in a tomcat instance in the same box, the application works fine.

Any ideas on what could be the possible reason for such a behavior?

Also, is it possible in anyway to bypass the authentication to the remote carte server? I tried removing the username/password from the pwd/kettle.pwd, but it wouldn't authenticate me.

Any insights into this is highly appreciated.