Dear Kettle friends,

Last week Daniel & I made a lot of progress on the newly created "User Defined Java Class" step.
We also worked on various other things. One of these "things" is PDI-3041 which is shorthand for "Getting rid of Thread".
BaseStep extending Thread was something that I wanted to get rid of a long time ago, ever since version 3.x.
The PDI4 API changes seemed to be the right time to make that happen.

Revision 11691 contains not just the required changes, but also "interfaces" the RowSet class.
This allows us to extend our transformation engine in the future.

A first experiment I did was create a "Serial Single Threaded" transformation engine.
This is available through an option in the transformation settings (Misc tab).

Please remember that "Serial Single Threaded" means no unions, joins, splits, nothing.
In fact at the moment, it's strictly limited to steps that always read a single row and output a single row.

After I revised the plugin loader system of Kettle I'll try to turn Trans itself into a plugin before we go RC1 with version 4.
That will hopefully allow us to create all sorts of transformation engines for all sorts of interesting parallel engines. (Hadoop, message passing, etc)

Anyway, this mail just to explain the big changes you saw recently.

Take care,
Matt Casters <mcasters (AT) pentaho (DOT) org>
Chief Data Integration
Fonteinstraat 70, 9400 OKEGEM - Belgium - Cell : +32 486 97 29 37
Pentaho : The Commercial Open Source Alternative for Business Intelligence

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