O.K....Please bear with me. So I'm a little confused with the licensing for the different product modules A client of mine is developing a SaaS product and would like to embed Pentaho into their application. The plan is to develop a fully integrated BI Suite for use within their portal. We've developed a few reports using Report Designer and were able to integrate those pieces using servlets and JSPs. We also developed a few cubes in Mondrian and again have integrated those into our own custom pages. I guess may main question is can we use these pieces from Pentaho under the General Public License? What is the differences between the GNU License and Paid License versions? I've seen the breakdown of differences between the CE versions and EE versions but what about the Pentaho Embedded Report Version? Why would you buy the Embedded version if you can embed the software yourself? I must be missing something and again I'm very green when it comes to licenses. Any information and/or direction as to who I can discuss this information would be greatly appreciated!