I am creating drill down report through hyperlinks.
I have prepared it fully functional with parameters passed through url from one report to other report.

I have some queries. Please try to answer these asap with brief procedure, if possible.

1) As we cannot hide specific parameters in current 3.6 M1 version, I want to hide full parameter panel in some reports, say in child reports. How can i do that? i tried appending showParameters=false in the url, but it didn't work. Please help

2) Can we modify parameter panels layout. I mean i want to show 2-3 parameters in one row rather than one below other.

3) We want to change 'view report' button text to 'Generate Report', How to do that?

4)How to Remove some buttons like print etc. from the toolbar in case of users other than admin.

5)Open a report in new window when double clicked in files section.

6) How to Open a child report in new window when clicked on a url in master report. I tried _blank option but didn't work

7) Do we need to add authenticated role to every user in case of jdbc based access control from tables.?