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Thread: scheduling with parameters

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    Default scheduling with parameters

    Using Pentaho 3.0CS + Oracle10g+ JBoss 4.2.3

    I can schedule a report:
    1.- creating a new private schedule with a CRON expression
    2.- using a public job

    But can we schedule a report with parameters? I mean, for example, a report prompts a form to select a city. Can I select a city and then schedule the report ? Do we need a different report definition or xaction?

    As far as I know, this is not possible in Pentaho but I'm reading some JIRA issues that let me think it's possible.

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    If you use a public schedule this is perfectly possible. Dunno why they don't allow it in private schedules.
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    Thanks! I was really confused with this feature.

    Just to be sure that I understand the whole process:

    1. -Create a public schedule (via Administration Console, it's the only way to create it, right?)
    2.- Select this public schedule in Properties->Advanced tab for the report
    3.- Click ""Schedule..."
    4.- A page prompts for report parameters and schedule name
    5. ... and that's all!!

    I see that this works for Pentaho Reports. I'm using Birt reports and a customized parameter page, should it work? The point here it's the parameter page being displayed, is the same page for both scheduling and normal execution?

    Thanks again, bugg_tb. I really appreciate your response.

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    Default scheduling parameters - how it works

    Just to complete this post for anyone interested.

    The parameter page being displayed is the same for both normal execution and scheduling creation (Public schedules must exist).
    The parameter subscribepage=yes is added to the request and then scheduling selection form is displayed.

    When you save the scheduled report the following url is invoked:


    The las two parameters are schedule name and id from table PRO_SCHEDULE.

    Once the report is runned you can open it in user's workspace.

    Anyone using its own parameter page (like me) should take care of this behaviour, if scheduling is needed.

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