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Thread: Table component strangeness..

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    Default Table component strangeness..


    I have a very simple mdx query which provides data for a choice component in a dashboard, which then drives a parameterised flash chart, all good

    But when I then try to squirt the same data into a table component it just sits there "Processing" for ever.

    This is using 3.5.2 server, and CDF-DE.

    Any ideas?


    PS: The MDX query is:

    select {[Measures].[Errors]} ON COLUMNS,
    NON EMPTY [Pharma].Children ON ROWS
    from [Ranges]

    And the table is defined as column headers Pharma, Errors, which are String and Integer.

    I did notice errors if i got the number of columns wrong, but they've gone away now, so a bit confused!

    Running the query in schema workbench, i can see it returns empty axis 0, Axis 1 as {[Measures].[Errors]} and Axis#2 as each pharma company, e.g. {[Pharma].[All Pharmas].[Generic Pharma Company]}

    b.t.w. this is my first day learning MDX in anger - so this is probably a very newbie question!

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    No errors in firebug? That should print 2 columns
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    Ah brilliant - i forgot to try firebug - it showed invalid call to String.asc which showed me i'd used String not string - case sensitive!

    Thanks! Glad im on the right track!

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