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Thread: interactivity, possibilities of ActionSequences

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    Default interactivity, possibilities of ActionSequences


    I am evaluating OpenSource BI-Tools at the moment as a bachelor thesis and do have the task to build an interactive MIS to easily create reports with.

    I have to build an entrymask to fill in parameters for creating the report but I mustn't program too much manually.
    Is there any way to fill Lists with data with an ActionSequence or to read out selected items of a List with an ActionSequence and to operate with these params afterwards? And all of this in a man-machine communication like way maybe with prompts.

    The MIS must have the functionality of entering a productname -> the relevant products are querried per sql and filled into a List -> I can sellect the products i want to have in my report and press "show report" to create a report with the selected params.

    Example: Param: cola -> SQL Query -> Result: Cola 1.5l , Cola 0.33l , Cola 1.0l , Cola 2.0l -> Select Cola 1.5l -> Create Report -> Report only for Cola 1.5l

    If you have an idea to achieve this functionality with the possibilities of Pentaho i would be very grateful.
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