I have a report and there is a sub report within it. The main report and sub report take in different queries which is why I created two different inputs inside the xaction and then inside the
I just pass in my input key that I defined up top. Now because there is a sub report there is an extra
. Both action-definition for the main report and sub report look very much alike except the different query input key.

Basically problem is that when I run a report only the main report seems like its getting the query and its also seems to be missing some fields. The sub report doesn't seem to be returning any results when I know it has to as I ran the same query in the DB.

I did more research and it looks like that <action-outputs> have something to do with it. Both (for main report and for sub report) of my <action-outputs> look like this:

   <query-result type="result-set"  mapping="periodindicatorvalues"/>
It seems that if I change the mapping to something else then the main report gets all its fields however, the sub report still doesn't seem to return anything.

Question, how can I modify the <action-outputs> in my other <action-definition> so that my sub report will return rows as well? I know this query returns rows.