Dear PDI developers,

I have been thinking and searching for great ways to document
transformations and jobs efficiently and wanted to open a small
discussion about possible solutions.

Use case:
Currently, I try to craft clever screenshots and open the properties
for certain steps that contain pertinent details. Then I take those
screenshots and carefully place them in a document between written
descriptions of what is happening.

The process is slow and updates to documentation are painful.

Ideas for a solution:
1) Add functionality to Spoon to allow the graphical canvas that a
tranformation or job appears on to be saved off to some popular format
like JPG, PNG or TIFF.

2) Taking it one step further, could spoon iterate through each of the
steps and capture a picture of what the entire dialog box looks like
and save them off to a graphic file?

Pictures speak very well, and that is part of the strength of PDI
itself. Afterwards, someone writing documentation could just sift
through the image files and lay them out in a way that tells the story
People conducting training or writing documentation would love this.

What do you think? Would this be a straightforward or daunting task
to undertake? Is this something within the scope of interest and
resources of Pentaho to undertake or something left as an exercise to
the community?

Thanks for a great product and all of your creative efforts and time.
As active users, our team enjoys new features, but also are grateful
for the continued focus on stability and perfect performance of minor



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