Hello, I tried to run Pentaho portlets on Liferay, and I run into the problem that I don't see anything. When I go to localhost/pentaho, I all reporting features run just fine. However, when I add some portlets into Liferay, I don't see anything. They write some errors. Particulary, I'm concerned about this exception (from Tomcat logs):

15:35:12,609 ERROR [FilterPanelComponent] Failed to create the FilterPanel's xml document.
java.io.FileNotFoundException: Resource not found: [samples/portal/panel1.filterpanel.xml]

Does anybody know how to fix that? I thought it would be in pentaho/WEB-INF/portlet.xml where I have changed the path from relative to absolute (/Users/mn//liferay-tomcat/pentaho-solutions/bi-developers/portal/panel1.filterpanel.xml), so pentaho could easily find it, but nothing has happened and the error was still the same. Maybe restarting Tomcat is not enough and I should refresh something manually. Note that the same kind of errors were from the other portlets as well. Can anybody help, please?