Today, we use PDI to move data in SQL tables, XML and CSV files to our custom PDI plug-in (step) adaptor, and push it into our application - call it "App". All the source data and target application API is hosted on-premises.

[Table/XML/CSV]---->Table Input-----# of steps------>App Plug-in Step

We are moving our application to the cloud and wanted to find out how we can use PDI to move data which will continue to reside on-premise (Table/XML/CSV) over the internet to the 'cloud' in a secure way?


a) Run PDI on-premise at the client site, and use the PDI's web service connector to ship data to the cloud through web services. Since PDI is running at the client site, the PDI can easily access the data in Table/XML/CSV through the existing PDI INPUT steps. The only new thing we need to develop is web service access to our application using encrypted secure https.

Q1: Can this be done through a webservices lookup step? Will the WS lookup step support encryption and Soap/WS security models?

b) Run PDI on the cloud together with our App in the cloud. Use the file management steps to retrieve the file from the on-premise using HTTP or FTP file get protocols as long as the customer supports them and provides access.

Q1: Can security be handled here by these steps?

Q2esigning the PDI transformation when PDI is hosted in cloud. How do we do this?

Q3 The HTTP/FTP options work ok for files, but how about database access over the internet?

I wanted to send this message out to validate the two options, and to see if there are any other better ways to SECURELY and EFFICIENTLY move data from on-premises client to a web hosted cloud application?