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Thread: crosstab group in prd 3.6

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    Smile crosstab group in prd 3.6


    I saw there was the crosstab group functionallity in pdr 3.5 as hidden functionallity.

    In PDR 3.6 I see there is the option "add crostab group" by default, unless it is disabled.

    I'm trying use it but i cant find the way.

    Did you disabled the functionallity? If you disabled it ¿Why you show it? If not: How to use it?

    I'm trying but i still couldn't find the way.


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    there is a blogpost here that explains this (experimental) feature:

    Other than that you'll find some information in this book:

    There is not much information out there because teh feature is considered experimental:

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    Smile my question is about 3.6

    Hi. Ingo.

    My question is about pdr 3.6.

    In pdr 3.5 i found the way to do it.

    my problem is I cant' find the way to continue using this in pdr 3.6

    I don't know if it has been disabled or there is a way to use/test it

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    just go to Preferences... and then click check box to enable (unsupported) experimental features in General settings

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    Default I got it


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