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Thread: How to connect Foxpro Version Dos in Pentaho.

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    Default How to connect Foxpro Version Dos in Pentaho.

    How to connect Foxpro Version Dos in Pentaho.
    I try to connect by ODBC, but it does not work.

    Thank you very much.

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    The data connection happens below the application layer, and the Pentaho tool for making data connections is pretty robust. After configuring your connection with Pentaho's data connection tool and pressing the TEST button you will either get a message box telling you that the connection is successful, or a list of errors that are preventing the connection. These should help you solve your problem.

    To prove to yourself that you are able to make a connection, go to Windows Control Panel->Administrative Tools and use the administer ODBC tool to test the connection.

    ODBC is not a standard feature of most Linux/Unix distributions, but if you are running ODBC under any non-Microsoft operating system, you'll almost certainly have a similar administrative tool to test your ability to make a connection.

    If you're certain that your installation of Foxpro is properly configured to allow network connections, and you continue to have trouble with ODBC drivers, try JDBC drivers. A quick web search turned up 15 Sun-approved JDBC drivers for Foxpro, and there were many more from sources not on Sun's list. The generic JDBC driver may even work with Foxpro.

    For an *extreme* approach, download a copy of MySQL, extract your data from Foxpro and load it into MySQL. That database is known to work very well with Pentaho.

    Good luck.

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