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Thread: Trusted IP addresses in 3.5.2?

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    Default Trusted IP addresses in 3.5.2?

    I'm trying to upgrade to 3.5.2, and I noticed that the default web.xml file no longer contains the trusted IP addresses filter. Below is an excerpt from the web.xml file in 3.5, to show you what I'm talking about. I know that before I needed to add the IP address of any machine that needed to publish to Pentaho. Is that no longer the case? Or should I just add this filter to the new web.xml file? Any help is appreciated.


    <filter-name>Proxy Trusting Filter</filter-name>
    <description>Comma separated list of IP addresses of a trusted hosts.</description>

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    dmoran Guest


    I just checked both the CE and EE binary downloads of 3.5.2 and it is in there. Did you download from source or manual install? What is the URL you downloaded from?

    The Proxy Trusting Filter is only used by the admin console so it doesn't have to authenticate. It can be configured for other uses but publishing doesn't require it.


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    Thanks for the responses. I was using the demo package. I just re-downloaded it and found that it's there. Perhaps I unknowingly deleted it from my installation. Thanks again for the help.


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