Hi PAT-fans,

for those of you who didn't notice, PAT 0.6 was released last week!

  • New Features:
    • Advanced MDX Editor / Querying
    • Improved Query Workflow
    • Improved Charting
    • Pentaho biserver Plugin
    • Improved Dimension Browser
    • Various bugs fixed

We have mainly put a lot of work in the query workflow improvements and the pat plugin.

You can access an online demo at our new server (donations are still welcome ;-)
Feedback is very welcome and needed, for that we have created an online survey. Please take some time to give us some feedback and/or file JIRA's!
Last week we have given a presentation about current status and plans in a Pentaho Community Webex (you can download slides here)

You can download the following packages:

- PAT Standalone pre-configured server for Windows and Linux/Mac
Download, Extract, run start-patserver.bat / start-patserver.sh and access it via http://localhost:8080/pat/

- PAT Standalone WAR
Just drop the WAR file into your favourite Java Webserver and access it via e.g: http://localhost:8080/pat-0.6/
PAT will use per default an in-memory HSQLDB for persistence, so if you restart its all gone.
You can change the settings in tomcat/webapps/pat-0.6/WEB-INF/application.properties
and the according Hibernate dialect in tomcat/webapps/pat-0.6/WEB-INF/classes/pat-hibernate.cfg.xml

- PAT Plugin (bundled with according TRUNK build of the pentaho biserver)
Just download and extract the bundle. Works like the usual pentaho biserver builds.
Currently we rely on some new plugin functionality that is only provided in the TRUNK builds of the biserver.
For your convenience we have bundled a working version with the plugin.
When you start up the User Console just look out for a blue cube icon :-)

For those of you who are interested in the bleeding edge versions of PAT, we have set up a continuous integration environment:
- CI PAT Standalone WAR
- CI PAT pre-configured server
- CI PAT plugin (without biserver)

Don't hesitate to contact us in case you need some further information, assistance with the download packages, or want to contribute!

Have fun!