I started using the Dashboard Editor yesterday. I am having problems creating a series for a chart.
In the bar chart I set series name to "operator", but the chart still only displays the date and measure. I cannot find any other setting to specify a series.

My query is:
SELECT the_date, operator, SUM(total_new_subs) AS new_subs FROM bg_subs_stats s INNER JOIN bg_dimension_services ds ON ds.service_id=s.service_id INNER JOIN bg_dimension_time t ON t.date_id=s.date_id WHERE the_date>=DATE_SUB(CURDATE(), INTERVAL 30 DAY) GROUP BY 1,2
I tried to use the same query in the report designer for a bar chart and specified "operator" as the "series-by-field" and everything works as it should.
What am I doing wrong in the dashboard editor? Do I have to change my query?